Welcome to Wild Earth Pictures.

Having dabbled with a camera prior to 2010, my interest in photography really began around then. I describe myself as self taught, learning new techniques along the way and then developing what I feel works for me.

Whilst I have a particular passion for the Northern Lights, having been fortunate enough to view this spectacular phenomena numerous times, I also particularly enjoy the genres of Wildlife and Landscape photography.

Photography is very much a hobby for me and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore various parts of the world with my camera, but living in Devon, in the south west of the UK, there are just as many wonderful areas locally. However the key things I take from capturing images with my camera wherever I am, is to enjoy the moment and to take images that I get pleasure from.

I am currently a member of Tavistock Photographic Club and a judge for the Western Counties Photographic Federation. I also give talks on the Northern Lights, the science behind them and how to photograph them and plan to have another on a personal view of Wildlife photography soon.

Please contact me if any of the above may be of interest to you. Likewise, should you wish to purchase a particular image of mine, then please contact me to discuss or visit my Etsy shop to see the items available.

Many thanks for visiting.